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    Relax and recharge the energy

    Relax and recharge the energy in our wellness. Part of the two-hour entry is also access to the pool. If you want a complete privacy, do not hesitate to book our private spa.

Opening hours

Hotel wellness

14.00 - 21.30

Private wellness

10:00 - 21:30

Swimming Pool

10:00 - 21:30


Upon previous reservation.
Steam room FIND OUT MORE

Steam room

Pleasant sweat bath with a completely different climate than the sauna. It is not as hot, therefore no such warming, since the temperature in the steam is between 40 to 50°C and 100% humidity. It is ideal for muscle relaxation and improved circulation.
Swimming pool
Swimming pool
A heated indoor pool with water attractions.


Sauna is a wellness procedure that increases your body temperature and then you have to quickly cool down. This is the best way to cut down muscle tension and helps to increase your motion range. Another effect is a gradual hardening.
Cooling pool FIND OUT MORE

Cooling pool

After you increase your body temperature in sauna you will comfortably cool down in cooling pool with cold water that will perfectly finish your sauna ritual.
Kneipp Therapy
Kneipp Therapy
Walking in warm and cold water contributes to warming and cooling your feet and at the same time your feet get a massage by walking on pebblestones. You repeat this procedure a few times, each time drying your feet and after a while you feel warmness in your feet which continues into the whole body. This procedure helps to improve blood supply to your feet and the whole body.